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Doggie Fun

Not all classes are available every session. Please check the schedule for availablility.

FunObility (intermediate)

FunObilityEDITEDCLASSFunObility is a combination class of obedience, agility, obedience games and perhaps teaching your dogs a couple of tricks to entertain your friends.

Fun & Games A (intermediate), B & C (advanced)

These classes are a combination class of agility, rally, obedience and obedience games. The B & C classes are for those who have participated before.

Fun with Nosework (intermediate)

In this class dogs start out looking for treats in a series of five boxes. Each week they progress to more boxes and different objects to search for in order to find the rewards. It's a very good class for timid dogs to help them gain confidence. It's fun for all ages of dogs and all breeds. It teaches them to focus. This class is even perfect for dog reactive dogs. They learn to use their noses and their brains! Not only is it fun, but exciting and burns lots of energy. Dogs love this class! Owners just need to bring high value smelly treats plus a crate if they have one.

Wag-It Games (intermediate)

This is a relationship dog sport that includes shadow skills, obstacle skills, stiff-it, dog ball, water skills and agility.

Treibball (advanced)

This is an advanced course using a combination of classic obedience and herding cues. The game consists of your dog working off-leash and obeying your cues. Your dog uses his nose or shoulders to drive balls into a goal.

Doggie Fun Schedule & Pricing

Doggie Fun Schedule & Pricing

Unless otherwise noted, classes comprise of six weekly training sessions. You must be registered with us and logged on to sign up for a class. You can register with us at anytime at no cost. Registration for a class closes two days prior to its start date. You must pay the class fee by the first training session of the series to participate. Please click on the class listing below to sign up.

Doggie Fun
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